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I've Got A War In My Mind


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-A Kiss to the Flames-

In the front: The most in-love, beautiful couple ever to have a blanket scene.

In the back: Someone has too much fun with their prop sword.

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Phantom people holding mask:

1. Hugh Panaro.

2. Michael Crawford.

3. Andrew Lloyd Webber.

4. Anthony Warlow.

5.  Rob Guest (RIP).

6. Rebecca Caine.

7. Rob Guest and Marina Prior.

8. Uwe Kröger.

9. Mikael Samuelson.

10. Christian Müller. 

“ I used to call people, then I got into e-mailing, then texting, and now I just ignore everyone. ”

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do you ever just get pissed off by someone once and then everything they do after pisses you off


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Cyborg Monday - December 2nd

do you wanna date my avatar?

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Codex’s quotes

↳ part 1/?

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Viz will be handing out another exclusive Sailor Moon coin at Otakon! They’ll also have a tshirt & poster.

Can anyone going help me get the coin & tshirt? >3< I can trade with the silver AX coin! Please let me know!! ♥ ^_^

Omg why did I have to get married and have a family and have responsibilities? I JUST WANT GO TO CONVENTIONS

From that rooftop, what if you jumped onto the next rooftop, dashed over to that blue and green wall, jumped up and climbed up the pipe, ran across the roof and jumped to the next? You can, in animation. - Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (2014)

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